Go horse-riding in your office

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]“You`ll (always) have more fun running if you feel a horse between your legs”, an old saying goes. You get the drift easily. Horse-riding is not precisely what you would call “sitting” in the normal sense of the word . Your legs may dangle in the air, alright, and after a couple of hours certain parts of your body are bound to hurt a little, but sitting on  a sofa or your kitchen chair is quite another thing.

Cowboy versus pen pusher

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]For riding is all about one thing: moving. The rider constantly has to react to his horse`s diverse patterns of movement  in order to stay in balance. This may explain why a cowboy who has spent eight hours in the saddle jumps from his horse all fit whereas the pen pusher leaves his chair with pain and a stiff neck at the end of his work day? In the majority of cases, though, it may not be so easy to take your saddled horse to the office. But the “principle” of the saddle seat will find a space in front of any desk. Let`s simply take a piece of liberty to work!