Balance at a gallop

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]Human beings are not created to sit (around) – yet sitting on horseback is quite another thing! When sitting on horseback a person will automatically sit in a natural way, and the horse`s movements will enable the person to ideally sit in a dynamic manner. If a rider sits in a cramped position he will create an unnecassary strain on his body. If someone is unable to find his balance he is bound to land on the ground sooner or later.

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben] To promote letting go, a balanced and active way of sitting – that is the ideal behind every ergonomically designed piece of furniture. Another aspect is relevant in this context: The arrangement of the saddle and the horseback naturally creates an obtuse angle between the spinal column and the thighs. Viewed from an ergonomic point of view, this obtuse angle forms one of the major elements of back-friendly sitting, with the benefits of reducing the stress on the discs, granting the abdominal organs more “freedom”,  leading to an improved  concentration and well-being.

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]Because if you use the saddle seat you have to go without the horse as the moveable base, the piece of furniture itself has to provide the task of inspiring the user to move about  constantly, ideally offering a variety of sitting positions. There is no way around it: The best posture to take is always the next. Is it  a mere coincidence that cyclists and canoeists  literally set (sit) their minds on the saddle form?