The „saddle seat“ principle
The right ideas at the right time

[Keine Beschreibung eingegeben]When you take a look at an accomplished design you often wonder why nobody has thought it up before. The saddle seat, created by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, is such a design classic that, when it was launched in 1984, was considered a „high time“ product, yet it was acclaimed as a totally innovative product.

But Peter Opsvik is far from being the only one to apply the horse/rider principle, to develop new ideas in his mind and to finally come up with some very clever solutions. There is an abundance of concepts – with the principle of the “saddle seat” being the common denominator. „The same principle as with horse riding applies to sitting; you will automatically and playfully take the right positon, using the right movements”, Peter Opsvik is convinced.

The central element is the obtuse angle which takes the pressure off the discs, stimulates the blood circulation of your legs, provides more space to the internal organs, allows you to breathe more intensively – the saddle seat as a classic ergonomic piece of furniture is here to stay.